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Plant trees.

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Let's reduce the carbon footprint on our planet.

Together we contribute through DeFi, to the reforestation of the most affected areas of our planet.

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Let's join efforts for the planet through DeFi

A small contribution from everyone symbolizes a great change for the planet.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

By staking in the pool of tokens you will be contributing to the planting of trees in deforested and polluted areas.

Philanthropy Commemorative NFT

Obtain an evolutionary NFT through the permanence of your tokens in the pool. The longer the amount of time, the more evolutionary levels you can unlock.

Powered by Polygon

Staking is done through Polygon, one of the chains with the least environmental impact on the blockchain and one of the fastest and safest.

Take your money back

You can take your money back at any time, unlike most other donation sites, with our staking system you can get your money back partially or completely.


The staking system using AAVE works using an Isolated AAVE USDT Pool V3 on the Polygon network, while the Interest of the pool is low compared to other assets it's meaningful with the support of everyone, and also safer for all us who want to apport some money. We have plans in the future to add more assets in Isolated mode.

Staking-Based Donation

Users generate a small yield pooling all deposits using the AAVE protocol, In that way we supply USDT tokens, and we receive back a small yield over time on our deposits. The choice of AAVE was done due to it's safe features like Isolated mode and because it has good liquidity and yield for Stable Coins.

Step 1

Sign in with Metamask.

Step 2

Approve the SolidiTree contract with the amount desired to deposit.

Step 3

Wrap USDT tokens, by depositing an amount of money you want to stake.

Step 4

Claim your Commemorative NFT to show your support.


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